Do what makes you happy

As far as I can remember I have always been creative, from drawing a blue strip at the top of a piece of paper to represent the sky and the green strip at the bottom to represent grass, then to Senior school getting an A1 in Art. I then went to College to use my drawing skills and follow a course into Design, my design career has taken different paths, Graphic, Architectural and Engineering.

I still work in Engineering, working on various projects in Oil & Gas, this is very technical design work and to keep my creative side going I create artwork through Craig Williams Design.

I must admit having enough time to work on personal projects outside of the day job can be challenging but it’s something I truly enjoy and I love nothing more than getting feedback from clients about the artwork I have created for them.

I really do believe if you have a talent or skill that you really enjoy, find a way to incorporate that into your daily routine, you may find yourself in a position that does not allow that outlet, make time for what you enjoy.

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