Personal project

I don’t claim to be an Architect but I do have a passion for Architecture and being able to create buildings and spaces from my imagination is something I really enjoy. This building is my own design, it started as an idea, then a sketch and I had to visualize it.



During recent events and the recent lock down I have found that keeping myself occupied has helped lift my mood and kept myself positive, learning new skills has helped so much over the last few months. Many of us are contractors working for own companies but many of us do not look at the possibilities


Virtual Reality

I have been using the recent lock down and the Christmas period to work on some of my personal projects, this project was for a new home extension to an existing property. Creating visual images is great for websites and marketing literature but sometimes the client likes to be able to view the project in


Distracted from the News

I’m trying not to get bogged down with whats going on the news and learning new skills is keeping me distracted, I have been working on this 3D model, working on details which make this image look real. This property is a 5 bedroom mansion with a basement entertainment suite and parking for 6 cars.


Concept Design

Teaching old dogs new tricks… During my working career there have been times when work is quiet and this seems to be more true in 2020, during these quiet times I try to update my skills and work on personal projects. I find it a good idea to come up with building designs and shapes


Light Mix

I have spent the last couple of days attending meetings with Chaos Group who are the creators and developers of V-Ray which is the Render engine I use for my work. They have recently released V-Ray 5 which is in my opinion a game changer for the industry, so many new features and two of

V-Ray 5

I was recently invited to attend an online demonstration of the new V-Ray 5 for Sketchup by Chaos Group. They have really gone up a level, most of the features that I wanted within the software have been included such as easier daylight adjustments and the option to use V-Ray Vision which allows the user


2020 for many of us has been a very restrictive year, we have been locked down, laid off and lost. When we first locked down in March I found it very difficult to see a way forward, producing work became difficult, the creativity that came with living a normal free life became unbearable so I

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