1. They create confidence – A development with units sold tells potential house buyers that others have been confident enough to buy, so they can too.
  2. They generate urgency – by creating the feel of excitement combined with urgency helping ensure property sells swiftly and at the best prices.
  3. They evoke emotion – potential clients start to envisage a different life through CGI’s, invoking a dream ideal.
  4. They can be used 24/7 – before you have dug ground, thought about your marketing suite/show home, you can be advertising your development around the clock. If there are hold ups on site, an estate agent can’t get there to show you around then no problem – you are still advertising with a chance to sell.

Ultimately, get the best set of CGI’s possible.

If there’s ever a place to spend money when it comes to maximizing off plan sales before settlement it’s on CGI’s. Because CGI’s sell, it’s as simple as that.

They need to be the highest quality you can afford. Granted, CGI’s can be expensive but let me assure you, an unsold empty development is way more costly.

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