How does Architectural Visualization help to sell a property? The first question you should ask is what do you want to achieve? Are you a property developer selling a single house or do you need funding to complete an apartment block?


Both cases require planning permission and funding, how do you get funding or a sale without any information about the property? Plans and Architectural drawings are great for the construction of the project but they do not sell a project, this is where ArchViz comes into play.


Say you were constructing an apartment block of 100 apartments, in most cases the construction is carried out in phases after a percentage of the apartments are sold off plan, but the construction is not finished, what do you show to sell the property? Visuals help to sell the property with the help of lifestyle images, creating a story of how it would feel to live in one of your apartments.


Most investors or banks require 30% in pre-sales to give funding to the developer, these sales are purely based on a vision of the future, it is up to the developer to deliver on this vision and give the buyer the apartment they dreamed of, this dream is built up by good visuals and the story which has been sold.


Architectural Visualization is a small part of the development process but can help in so many ways, the spark, the dream and the excitement of living in a new property is imagined through these images.

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