I have spent the last couple of days attending meetings with Chaos Group who are the creators and developers of V-Ray which is the Render engine I use for my work. They have recently released V-Ray 5 which is in my opinion a game changer for the industry, so many new features and two of those new features stand out, Light Gen & Light Mix. I have been trying out the new software for the last couple of days and it has made lighting and rendering so much easier. Before this was added to V-ray, I would have to render and re-render my images depending on what light source or scenario I wanted to create, a daylight scene or a night time scene would take double the time, now with Light Mix, I can render once with all the lights on and switch them on and off individually in the post-processing stage which allows me to create images quickly for many different scenarios. Light Gen is another great add on to V-Ray, this looks at the scene and the model and generates many typical lighting scenes, you can also choose between exterior and interior lighting settings, before this I would have to generate lighting from HDRI settings.

Craig Williams

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